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The IAI Congress XIII and the 61st anniversary of IAI is an important milestone in strengthening the inclusive role of the accountancy profession towards SDGs 2030. Accounting profession is now an integral part in sustainable development towards the nation's ideals, building a welfare state in Indonesia.

The accountancy profession is one of the professions that will remain relevant and reliable to changes in business functions. As standard procedures and methods have changed, accounting objective, values, and their relevance to business will remain the same. With high level of uncertainty, accountants are required to be more adaptive and flexible in their role as guardians of integrity and economic stability.

As the recognised Professional Accountancy Organisation in Indonesia, IAI is responsible to ensure the safeguarding of professionalism of accountants. The glory of the nation that begins with economic growth should be placed as a common priority. Standing at the forefront in maintaining the professionalism of accountants, IAI is committed to contribute significantly to the glory of this country. This is reflected in the celebration of IAI's 61st anniversary in December 23, 2018.

Jayalah Profesi Akuntan, Jayalah Negeri!


The objective of this event to strengthen the inclusive role of the accountancy profession towards Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

The five key elements underlying efforts to optimise the inclusive role of professional accountants towards SDGs 2030 among others are:

  1. High quality education;
  2. Sustainable development of the Indonesian economy;
  3. Poverty alleviation;
  4. Institutional strengthening; and
  5. Innovation.

About IAI

Ikatan Akuntan Indonesia
(Institute of Indonesia Chartered Accountants – IAI)
is the recognised professional accountancy organisation in Indonesia.
IAI is home to Indonesian accountants from different backgrounds;
public accountants, educators, private (management)
and public (government) sector accountants, tax and forensic accountants.

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