"Inclusive Role of the Accountancy Profession Toward Sustainable Depelopment Goals (SDGs) 2030"

THE INDONESIAN Institute of Accountants (IAI) Congress XIII will be held in Jakarta on December 11-13, 2018 with the theme of "Inclusive Role of the Accountancy Profession Towards SDGs 2030". Recognised as the biggest event for accountants in Indonesia, the IAI Congress XIII will be conducted in conjunction with the 61st Anniversary of IAI on December 23, 2018. Reflecting the spirit of IAI's founding fathers mentioned in the first IAI Constitution - to guide the accountancy development, elevate the accountant's education, and enhance the quality of services provided by accountants in Indonesia. It is important for the Institute to maintain this trust and use it as a fundamental spirit in the efforts to uphold the quality, competence, integrity and ethics of Indonesian Accountants. IAI needs to effectively maintain the reputation of the profession and the elements attached to the profession.

The IAI Congress XIII will be held as part of commemorating the Institute's 61st anniversary, with the objective of elevating the inclusive role of Professional Accountants in contributing to the national economy, particularly in achieving the national goal of a welfare state towards Sustainable Development Goals 2030. Professional Accountants together with the national stakeholders are a key element in ensuring optimal attainment of continuous development objective to create a prosperous and fair society.

The IAI Congress XIII and the 61st Anniversary will be officiated by the President of Indonesia, H.E. Ir. Joko Widodo, and attended by the President of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) and Chartered Accountants Worldwide (CAW). The events are expected to be attended by more than 1,000 accountants from all over Indonesia and the ASEAN region. As part of the celebration, IAI will be hosting the Chartered Accountant (CA) scholarship examination, expected to be attended by thousands of accounting students from various universities in Indonesia. This is part of IAI's efforts to identify top students that will be further transformed into future Professional Accountants. Through this initiative, IAI seeks to further establish its position and ensure that the magnitude and impact of its activities can be felt by and benefit stakeholders in the country.

The initiative indicates that IAI as a professional organization has become more established and influential, supported by well improved internal capacity and capabilities and continuous support from its stakeholders. However, we should not be content with this accomplishment, as there are still many programs that need to be realised and continued to strengthen the role of the profession in building the nation. IAI should be able to capitalise on the ability of Indonesian Professional Accountants who have the potential and ability to maintain and grow the economy of the country, to become a respected nation in the world.

As the recognised Professional Accountancy Organisation (PAO) in Indonesia, IAI has been given the mandate to carry out the re-registration of the State Registered Accountants. The mandatory requirement for Professional Accountants to be a member of IAI confirms that IAI taking the steps required to develop the capacity to ensure professional accountants in Indonesia are complying with professional standards and code of conduct. IAI also exercises its authority to apply disciplinary enforcement to members, as well as other mandates imposed on them as professional organisations and standard setters.

IAI's achievements would not be possible without good cooperation among the IAI National Council members, Advisory Board members, Honorary Council members, IAI Compartment members, IAI bodies, and IAI regions, who together collaborate in ensuring the accomplishment of IAI's working program. These achievements also belong to the IAI Executive Management that has performed administrative and operational functions of IAI as a whole to achieve the organisational goals. The professionalism of IAI Executive Management is the key for IAI's organisational success.

The organisational dynamics have been successfully managed with the support of all stakeholders to implement organisational development programs and internal relations management, funding, ICT, international relations, competencies, IAI branding, public policy, convergence with international standards, public sector practice, stakeholder management, public relation, capital market and financial industry and IAI Knowledge Centre. As the organisation for Professional Accountants in Indonesia, IAI always ready to do the best for Indonesia and is committed to continuously improve the contribution of the accountancy profession in advancing the country's economy to improve the welfare of Indonesia towards SDGs 2030.

Prof. Mardiasmo, MBA., Ph.D., CFr.A., QIA., Ak., CA., FCMA., CGMA

President, IAI

About IAI

Ikatan Akuntan Indonesia
(Institute of Indonesia Chartered Accountants – IAI)
is the recognised professional accountancy organisation in Indonesia.
IAI is home to Indonesian accountants from different backgrounds;
public accountants, educators, private (management)
and public (government) sector accountants, tax and forensic accountants.

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