IAI Congress XIII, 2018

Congress is the holder of the highest sovereignty of the organization held once in 4 (four) years.

The main agenda for IAI Congress 13:

  1. To elect and appoint The National Council (DPN), Advisory Board, and Honorary Council;
  2. To assess DPN accountability report;
  3. To discuss the amendment of the IAI Bylaws;
  4. To establish other decisions deemed necessary
Objectives of the IAI Congress XIII
  1. As a platform to evaluate organisational journey as well as planning for future steps in responding to internal and external dynamics of the profession.
  2. To facilitate the continuing education process for IAI members, as an effort to update their knowledge in accordance with the dynamics environment.
  3. To convey the attitude of the organisation in carrying out its professional responsibilities, to play a role in various fields for the betterment of the nation.
  4. To strengthen the relationship between IAI and its stakeholders. To continue the IAI Strategic Plan, Vision, and Mission 2020, established in the previous congress to face the globalisation era affected by technological disruption and digital economy.
  5. To elect the new Council Members that will further strengthen the role of Indonesian accountancy profession regionally and globally.

The IAI Congress Journey

VIII 1998, Jakarta Introspeksi dan Transformasi Profesi Akuntan Memasuki Milenium Baru
IX 2002, Jakarta Pemantapan Profesionalisme Akuntan dalam Perubahan Lingkungan Global
X 2006, Jakarta Towards a Greater Transparency and Accountability
XI 2010, Jakarta Introspeksi & Transformasi Profesi Akuntan Menuju IAI 2020: "Peran Akuntan dalam Meningkatkan Nilai Tambah Bagi Perekonomian Nasional dan Global"
XII 2014, Jakarta ASEAN Integrated Accounting Profession for Sustainable Economic Growth
XIII 2018, Jakarta Inclusive Role of the Accountancy Profession Towards SDG 2030

Congress Agenda

About IAI

Ikatan Akuntan Indonesia
(Institute of Indonesia Chartered Accountants – IAI)
is the recognised professional accountancy organisation in Indonesia.
IAI is home to Indonesian accountants from different backgrounds;
public accountants, educators, private (management)
and public (government) sector accountants, tax and forensic accountants.

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